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x_ac0ustic's Journal

...Meet Virgina
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I could shoot a few impressive lines, and convincingly make you believe i'm this well rounded individual, with my head fastened tightly upon my shoulders. In actuality - I'm still looking for peices of my puzzle, grasping on to each peice in hopes of discovering any innocence i might regain. I haven't been the best daughter, girlfriend, friend, or even enemy - and some may consider myself a failure. Maybe they're right - but maybe success lies in the acceptance of failing, and the mind-set that you can rise above from it, even if you're your only fan. I'm not an impressive person by any means, and that's a surity - I wont stun you, or even turn your head for that matter, and chances are you won't turn mine. I've come to learn people are for passing time, and if you can find that one person who intrigues you in the midst of all the ordinary - hold on tightly. Emotions start to run high. You're pumped - you're excited - you're nervous - you're frightened - you're confused. Everything jumbles and you lose contact of what you're feeling, and why you're feeling it, but the thought of that very person makes everything worth it. You haven't started living until you've decided to stop living just for yourself.

...I love you Ryan

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